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    Don’t Take a Rain-Check on that Open House!

    Why Summer Showers Make for the Perfect Showing.


    Drip. Drip. Drip.

    It’s the sound you might have heard in your own home after years of familiarizing yourself with the quirks, the minor faults, or even damage found over time. It is not a sound likely heard in an open house on a sunny day, where the first impression to your senses is the smell of freshly baked cookies in a seemingly flawless house. However, saving house hunting for a rainy day can be the perfect way to really see the home, and discover any possible drawbacks.

    Be the VIP of the Showing

    Rainy days tend to keep the average looky-loo’s away. Take advantage of this opportunity to take your time in a home without the company of buyer competition. Not only will you have the freedom to picture yourself in a home with the absence of other house hunters, you will have been introduced to a very dedicated real estate agent. Open houses on a rainy day are a great way to pair serious buyers with motivated agents, which is an important combination!

    Discover Faults, or Lack Thereof

    Home buying is an exciting time, it is intriguing to think about the new features and the fresh paint. Especially in Florida, where rain and sometimes even hurricanes are common, it is important to have an insider’s look, past the picture-perfect home showing. Leaky roofs or doors, water condensation on a door window seal, and standing water are all signs to look out for when touring on a drizzly day. Grab an umbrella and take advantage of inspecting the outside of the home as well; free-flowing gutters, puddles, or drainage issues can all be factors when looking at a home. Finally, note any instances of poor indoor lighting and mystery odors that may be heightened on a wet day.


    Of course, always remember to wipe your feet and never venture out in unsafe conditions. With that being said, the next time you explore listings, keep rainy days in mind, it may help you avoid some surprises down the road!



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